Goals For Inglewood

Inglewood is a futuristic and vibrant city with residents who are culturally rich and welcoming. Many of our residents have lived here for generations and the memories they’ve created here are beacons of hope for what is next to come. Although we are witnessing drastic changes to the make up of our city, I see the importance in protecting the interests of our residents. In fact, I am a strong believer in putting People over Profits and Politics.

I believe a city becomes successful when they invest in it’s residents. I believe in investing in Education because we are educating the leaders of our future. Our scholars should be a key priority and under my leadership they will be. I will also work to implement programs that will develop our cities next leaders. I also believe that our Educators deserve better treatment, more respect, and a higher pay. Because of this I will work hand in hand with our Educators to ensure that their needs are met and all Inglewood students have the opportunity to excel academically.

In order for our local economy to flourish we must ensure that our residents have access to not only jobs, but long lasting careers. I look forward to creating access to Trade Training and Educational Programs for adults. Also, I believe that once we expand our Education and Social Services Departments we will create careers for hundreds, and eventually thousands of Inglewood residents.

I  believe in investing in Social Service Programs. Inglewood has been plagued by violence for far too long and I believe it is largely due to the fact that our city has failed to build relationships and implement programs that will prevent, intervene, and detour violence in our community. I am committed to building the necessary relationships and bridges to eradicate the violence in Inglewood and make our streets safe for our children to play on.

Affordable Housing is a right vested in every resident. Inglewood currently has Rent Control but it will expire in 2025. I am committed to making Rent Control permanent in the City of Inglewood. Due to the large commercial entities that have come into our city, property costs have almost tripled over the past 5 years. Today, the median cost of a home in Inglewood is $785,000. Simultaneously, the per capita income in Inglewood is only $27,959 annually. Because of this, a lot of our residents, including myself, don’t know if we’ll ever be able to afford to be home owners in the neighborhood the we love and call home. I’m committed to creating more access and better opportunities for Inglewood residents to become homeowners. The racial make up of Inglewood is 50 % Hispanic, 41% African American, 5% Mixed with two or more races, 4% from various countries, and 1% White. We are a community of people who respect one another and take pride in the unity amongst cultures that we’ve created. I don’t support gentrification and believe we must fight it at every cost.

 I also believe we need more accountability from the Inglewood Police Department. In 2016, 5 IPD Officers killed a couple that had fallen asleep in their car after a date. As of today, the victims families have not been given an explanation and the Officers who killed the couple have not been charged. Because of this killing the City of Inglewood made one of the largest settlements in Inglewood history, costing our tax payers $9,000,000. Our Police Department is the city’s largest expense, costing us $69,011,341, which represents half of our annual city budget. Tax payers need to see positive results from our Police Department and I am committed to resolving all of our residents concerns, including getting answers and holding any officer who engages in police misconduct, brutality, or extrajudicial killings accountable. In fact, I believe that transparency, accountability, and assured safety from our police department are necessary for a healthy Inglewood.

Our current leadership has spent a lot time developing relationships with corporate entities and not enough time serving the needs of the people. That will change with me as your Mayor. I believe it is time for the voices of Inglewood residents to be heard loud and clear. It is time for Inglewood to make plans that center and support the current residents of Inglewood. It is time for a fresh perspective, free from corruption, law breaking, or corporate interests. It is time for Inglewood to have a Mayor that will champion the residents, and that is the change I will bring.

I want to be Mayor of Inglewood because I know I am capable of getting Inglewood on the right track. I understand that solving our issues will require comprehensive plans and the right people in place to carry them out. I understand that we will not solve all of our issues over night but I am committed to this fight and can assure all of my constituents that my vote will be their vote, my voice will be their voice, and their concerns will always be a priority. I want to build a safer Inglewood and make it easier for our residents to thrive. I want to help develop Inglewood’s next leaders and show the world that contrary to what they’ve heard, Inglewood is up to some good!